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Bang Yedam, formerly of Treasure, is planning to return as a solo musician, according to agency GF Entertainment on Monday.

He is gearing up to release his first solo album on Nov. 23 and will drop a pre-release from the EP on Nov. 10, added the company.

He came under the spotlight through an audition show in 2013, where he was touted as a child prodigy, and after five years of training under label SM Entertainment, he debuted as a member of Treasure in 2020.

The left the band and the label, however, in November of last year after taking six months off. In August, he signed with the current agency.

“The phrase ‘solo artist Bang Yedam’ still feels awkward and the pressure to fill up the stage on my own is high,” admitted the musician, “But I am excited to be able to present my own performance.”


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